Old Farmstead for Sale - Near Cheney Kansas


Here's my story. About 4 years ago, I purchased a 320 acre wheat farm southeast of Cheney, Kansas. I retained the relationship with the existing farmer, taking the usual landlord/tenant crop share as rent. I didn't really pay much attention to the old farmstead on the property, as it was not a part of my investment decision. The realtor who sold me the farm told me "Burn it down. It is not worth anything."

Well, much to my surprise, upon taking possession, the tenant farmer let me know there was a renter in the house. He would take care of the details, and give me a check for the rent paid." What a deal, I thought. And the rent covered the annual property taxes on the farm. Take a look ... this is a picture taken in 1999.

Homestead for Sale

You can see the beginning of the end in this picture: Trees and shrubbery overgrown, shingles blown off, and a junk car in the back.

And the end did come. In March, the tenant farmer called me and said that the rent hadn't been paid since December. When he went to investigate, he didn't believe what he found. "You have to come see this, and decide what to do," he said. So I went. It was prime material for an episode of "Hoarding: Buried Alive." You know, the reality TV show with people living in houses full of trash. Remember the realtor's advice? Well, time for a match!

Thinking of how to make something positive about this mess, I spoke with the local fire department. How about a donation of this house so it could be used as a training exercise? "Great idea, we'd love to." One caveat ... the house can't be full of junk. No problem, I thought. The renter was gone, so there would be no one sorting through all the stuff arguing "I need to keep this because ..."

Was I ever mistaken! 3 dumpsters and 7.5 tons later, the house was empty. Among the notable contents: 2 dead cats, 3 ranges, 4 refrigerators, 3 freezers, 6 window air conditioners, 250 (or so ... didn't stop to count them) empty half-gallon vodka bottles, 250 empty half-gallon rum bottles, a pile of cigarette butts 2 feet high and 3 feet in diameter, and more dirty magazines than you could possibly imagine.

Now what? Call the fire department? It became clear that there was value here once the junk was gone ... albeit a house needing a lot of work ... but a house that was someone's well cared for home in the good times past. Built in 1927 with approximately 1,350 square feet of floor space, it has solid oak flooring on the first floor, large pine molding around the windows and doors, a reasonable floor plan, and interesting architectural detail with the porches around one side and the back. So here we are ...

For Sale

Approximately 2 acres (actual acreage to be determined by survey) in the Cheney USD268 School District. Property has 200 amp electric service, a well, a septic system, and a super-handyman special house.
Obviously, Sold As Is
Creative owner financing considered.

Now that I have your interest, check out the 'today' pictures below. You'll probably need at least (and I am no expert, so make up your own mind): 1) New Roof, 2) New Windows, 3) New Kitchen, 4) New Bathroom, 5) New HVAC, 6) Paint or New Siding, 7) Insulation, 8) Porch Repair, and at a minimum, 9) a thorough home inspection.

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